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Florida Professor Defends Sharia Law – Chopping off Hands

On the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, the university’s Muslim Student Association’s hosted a so-called Islamophobia panel discussion, which was attended by the United West.

FAU Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Bassem Al Halabi was included on the panel of these distinguished experts and he made the incredible statement about the case to be made for Sharia Law and it’s provisions of capital punishment, including the cutting off of hands.

An additional video of Al-Halabi filmed in 2012 shows this isn’t some kind of misinterpretation of what he clearly said. He engages a demonstrator who presses him on whether he supports Islamist blasphemy laws that would criminalize criticism or mockery of Islam. After a series of dodges, Al-Halabi says, “We should have laws to eliminate that” (05:30 in the video). He confirmed his answer when it was repeated back to him.

Note: Bassem Al-Halabi is still teaching at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) despite his endorsement of Sharia Law amputations.


Muslims may not steal from each other. In fact, Muhammad had people’s hands cut off for that. But the same is not true of unbelievers.

Property rights for non-Muslims exist only at the discretion of their Muslim rulers. Non-submissive infidels frequently had their property stolen from them by Muhammad’s warriors, which sometimes included wives and children … read more

GRAPHIC: Islam the Religion of Peace 


Once Joining Islam, Woe to the man who realizes his error to late.

If a Muslim apostatizes and meets the conditions of apostasy – i.e., he is of sound mind, an adult and does that of his own free will – then his blood may be shed with impunity.


before and after islam

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