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The First Slave Owner In America

< Anthony Johnson 


A Black Man & First Slave Owner In America – History Of Slavery

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The Lincoln, Darwin Debates: Freedom vs. Slavery

Charles and Emma had 10 kids, wherein 3 died. He had fears that his children’s poor health was the cause of inbreeding with his first cousin.

Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood

Related: Charles Darwin On Blacks and Women

 Darwinian Medicine

 How Eugenics Gained Medical Support — The Eugenics Disaster

Related: Darwin’s half-cousin and anthropologist, Francis Galton, who founded an ideology of human engineering called Eugenics and became familiar with Darwin’s work whereby the mechanisms of natural selection was mentally ill and his uncle Charles Darwin was severely mentally ill and Darwin took the theory of evolution from Alfred Russel Wallace who wasn’t just ‘severely mentally ill’, but was a severely troubled spiritist who consulted a Ouija board and communicated with demons.

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1 Comment on The First Slave Owner In America

  1. Marc Spencer // August 22, 2016 at 7:52 am // Reply

    That’s not Anthony Johnson. That’s abolitionist Lewis Hayden.


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