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Equal Rights and Lefts

Aggressive female harassment techniques are actually increasing as millennial “social justice warriors” dutifully confront any perceived injustice to the social justice dogma — merely being a male caucasian is adequate enough.

Women’s empowerment programs hurt women

Female empowerment has become fashionable at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, as well. There, inspired bureaucrats worked overtime to gin up the EMPOWER acronym — “Enhancing and Making Programs Work to End Rape” — a multimillion-dollar initiative that promotes sexual violence prevention programs.

So where did the idea of female empowerment come from, and is it helping or hurting women?

The term “empowerment” was inspired by the writings of Karl Marx, who viewed peasant women as dual victims of capitalism and patriarchy. The solution, of course, was to embolden the ladies to cast off their conjugal oppressors. In practice, this meant an ample supply of newly liberated female laborers ready to work the fields, the factories, and the mines — an arrangement that no doubt pleased liberator-in-chief Vladimir Lenin.

But American women are becoming wary of the ideological agenda that lurks behind the empowerment facade.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly recently commented, “It’s clear that feminists never wanted gender equality; they want power for the female left, which is why they use the word empowerment so reflexively.” … read more

Credit: A Voice For Men – By Carey Roberts

Women are acting more like men yet wish to be treated as women. As the old adage states: Be careful what you wish for, you  may get it (and discover you really don’t want it). In today’s world the idiom is simple, if you want to act like a man, you will be treated like man — as the disturbing videos below clearly illustrate.

Aggressive female harassment techniques are actually increasing as millennial “social justice warriors” dutifully confront any perceived injustice to the social justice dogma. Merely being a male caucasian is adequate enough to “trigger” an emotional and verbal outburst resulting in hand wringing, hysteria, and anxiety attacks requiring the sanctuary of a“safe space.”

The purveyor of a “social justice” website admits as much – states:

The mentioned page has predictably been edited since post: Screenshot


What is Hollaback? The real motive of harassment is intimidation. To make its target scared or uncomfortable, and to make the harasser feel powerful.

Image result for Michelle Rodriguez killing a man

Sadly, women are being brutally smacked down as they attempt to mimic Hollywood’s feminist fairytale agenda, the tired portrayal of the obligatory 98 LB female action figure routinely symbolized as equal or superior in combat scenarios … customarily dispatching men of impressive physical stature in hand-to-hand combat with relative ease – we’ve all seen it a thousand times – Feminism demands a constant diet of nurturing, reinforcing their self-worth. Tragically this logic will only escalate in  violence directed toward them, and increased incidents in the future.

Equal Rights


The below video is disturbing and explicit.

Women hit | Men hit back | GENDER EQUALITY

fem tard 38

 Re-branding of FeminismExplicit Language

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