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Mommy’s Choice

I am a woman, and I have a choice. A choice to work, a choice to achieve, a choice to succeed, a choice to fly, a choice to be anything I want to be – I Am A Woman!

Being against abortion is so much more than simply being against the legalized killing of innocent human beings.

It’s about being against the lie that women aren’t free unless they have the “right” to kill their children.

It’s about being against a culture which shames motherhood and rejoices in sexual objectification.

It’s about refusing to accept that fertility is regarded and treated as a disease to be medicated and cured.

It’s about refusing to accept violence as a proposed solution to the problems we face.

It’s about feminism. It’s because Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and many other women’s rights activists of old who fought and sacrificed so much for the things we take for granted today saw clearly that abortion was violence, that abortion was anti-woman, and vehemently opposed it.

I’m pro-life because babies don’t deserve to die for the sake of a society which undervalues women and womanhood. I’m pro-life because women deserve better than abortion. -Tori Long

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Abortion 3Having an abortion does not make you un-pregnant, it makes you the mother of a dead baby

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David Wiley United States Military Veteran. Forged Souls Created - 2016. Political Independent - Affiliation None. Purpose Of Forged Souls Platform : Lending Voice To Controversial Traditional Views.

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