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Islamophobia 101

Islamophobia is a con, a PC tool to silence and marginalize any criticism of Islam.

The Inconvenient Truth About ‘Islamophobia’

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“Islamophobia” [#1] is fake concept designed to silence legitimate criticism.

“Islamophobia” is a made-up nonsensical word. Here, let me explain it to you.

A phobia, by definition, is an ‘irrational fear’. Since there have been 28,000 acts of Jihad [#2] since 9/11, most carried out while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” – I think the only IRRATIONAL reaction, is not being fearful.

Screenshot (228)

Therefore, shouldn’t it be called ISLAMOREALISM?

How do you make a legitimate criticism of the doctrine of Islam, or the actions of an adherent of Islam (a Muslim), whose actions can be traced directly to the ideology itself – without being labelled as an ‘Islamophobe.’  The answer is: you can’t!

Screenshot (230)The Leftist narrative has been constructed in such a way, that if you do such a thing, you are a hater, a bigot, an Islamophobe, a racist.
When looked at rationally, this makes zero sense.  Islam is an ideology, words on paper, and in a free and fair society which believes in the time-honoured concept of Freedom of Speech – Islam should be FAIR GAME.

After all, Leftists have remorselessly attacked Christianity for a century, so much so that you would almost think that it was by design [#3].

If ‘artists’ put a crucifix with a Jesus effigy, place it in a bottle of urine, and call it ‘Piss Christ‘ [#4], or if make a mural out of elephant dung of the Virgin Mary [#5]- that’s just ART.  Ya know?

Quite rightly, these artists became celebrated for being ‘edgy’ and ‘daring’ with their incisive social commentary.  They get Turner Prizes.  Their art tours the world.  Experts and modern art snobs laud them.  The Guardian was at the forefront of those saying anyone who criticizes this art, i.e. those who claim it is inflammatory and designed to make reputations (or money) by deliberately offending people, well, they are just small-minded religious nuts – we must protect ‘Freedom of Expression!’

But Islam? well, we all know that if one small cartoonist company satirizes Muhammad.  Charlie Hebdo [#6] proves what happens next.  After the meaningless hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, standing around with candles, changing your Facebook profile to include  French flag – and all the other meaningless actions…. the dust settled.  The narrative shifted.  And the media self-censored.  And the people began to convince themselves that maybe the cartoonists had gone too far.

The media wouldn’t even show the offending cartoons.  The pundits on the Left talked about ‘deliberate incitement’ and the ‘need to prevent hate speech’.  Such cartoons were clear evidence of French subconscious Islamophobia, and we need to combat that by banning, by re-education, by making an example of people.

Note : Ever Notice How  “Satanists” Are Terrified Of Islam And Never Desecrate Mohammed

But “Islamophobia” the word is not simply a nonsensical PC label. The word itself is a contrivance and the motive behind it much more insidious. It was created by the Muslim Brotherhood [#7] front group, the IIIT (International Institute for Islamic Thought).

The IIIT saw the effectiveness of the term ‘homophobia,’ when used as a weapon of thought control by the Politically Correct Left – when attacking anyone who disagreed with their social engineering.  It was wonderfully successful and anyone who made a defence – even on the basis of their religious conscience – were labelled ‘homophobes’ and silenced.  Sometimes this led to people losing their jobs, being ostracized, or even losing their businesses.

The goal was not just the social change – it was the evolution of the social cancer known as Political Correctness.  It is designed by Leftists to engineer society through fear, silencing peoples legitimate opinion, and setting the precedent that a ‘higher authority’ can dictate to society what is ‘approved thought’ and then society must ‘obey’.  The fear of the label became a form of self-censorship.

Debunking Islamophobia – run time 10:4 seconds

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Islamophobia-Muslim-Warning-Traffic-SignAs such Islamophobia is a con and a PC tool to silence and marginalize any criticism of Islam (THE DOCTRINE) or individual Muslims (THEIR ACTIONS DRIVEN BY THE DOCTRINE), by confusing it with a personal, hurtful bigoted attack on a ‘race’ or ‘culture.’

The aim is to force through a program of Creeping Sharia and Islamisation of Western nations through changing laws, enforcing Islamic finance and Halal, using ‘lawfare’ to attack alleged hate crimes, and to whip up fake victimhood stories to reinforce the ‘Islamophobia’ narrative.

The Muslim Brotherhood rightly believed that if they could get the word Islamophobia into common acceptance, the Left would defend their every action.  Islamophobia is perfect, because it prevents all criticism and through fear of a label, people self-censor.  Media coverage is muted and biased.  All of this then provides cover for the Muslim Brotherhood’s real objectives.

Islamophia Women

In case you didn’t know – here are their objectives:

This is from a leaked document of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals in the USA, it was used in the Holyland Foundation Trial [#8] (nixed by Obama when he came into power).

So the Left provide cover – and can use Islamophobia as a further attack on Freedom of Speech, which is one of the goals of Cultural Marxism [#9]. In tandem, the Islamists get cover to carry out their program of subversion in the West.  Its a win:win – a perfect example of the Red Green Alliance in action.
islamophobe definitionIs fearing Islam irrational (a phobia)?  After all – there are many aspects of Islam that people have every right to fear.  Hear are a few:

  1. People fear their children may be groomed online by paedophile gangs or ISIS.
  2. People fear going to work on the tube and being blown up by a suicide bomber
  3. People fear going to a beach holiday and being riddled with bullets
  4. People fear going on an airplane and it being hijacked and flown into a building
  5. People fear standing at a bus-stop and being knifed by a woman in a Burkha
  6. People dislike being forced to eat Halal without knowing it is Halal
  7. People dislike listening to screaming Islamists walking down High Street saying ‘Shariah for UK!’ or “Behead those who insult Islam!” – the Religion of Peace 
  8. People dislike having their kids being forced to recite  the Shahada in school, or spending more time learning about Islam than about Christianity or any other religion
  9. People dislike the thought that their neighbour has 4 wives and 12 children, and gets benefits for all, yet we are supposed to have polygamy laws
  10. People dislike gender apartheid, FGM, wife-beating, unfair Shariah courts discriminating against Muslim women, honour killings, forced marriage, child marriage, cousin marriage, banning bacon in canteens… and a million other reasons.

Are all these legitimate and rational fears? Are all these people Islamophobes?

YES AND YES – on both counts!

This is the perfect example of Orwellian Doublethink [#10]- a logic-inversion nearly as absurd as saying “Islam is the Religion of Peace.”

They are committing a Hate Crime [#11] if they condemn such things publicly.  But let’s be straight – all these things come about by actions taken because people subscribe to a belief system which dictates them.  So the criticism is not primarily of the people, it is of the actions/behaviours, which is a criticism of the ideology behind them.

Islamic Deceptions run time 9:36 seconds

source: redgreenalliance

Islamophobia VS Freedomophobia by a former Muslim run time 7:46 seconds

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