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As Goes Twin Falls Goes The Country

The Idaho Office for Refugees has some answers and they aren’t pretty. Sudanese do not accept the concept of NO. Conflicts like making eye contact or even the hiring process for a job interview is fraught with dangers that might “trigger” a refugee

Recent crimes involving refugees have brought national focus to Twin Falls, as some local residents worry that the refugee resettlement program has been forced on Twin Falls without proper oversight or public debate. From the sexual assault on the five-year-old girl allegedly perpetrated by refugee boys said to be from Iraq and Sudan, to the the recent charges that an African molested a 33-year-old retarded woman and the arrest of a refugee for coming back to Twin Falls to kill people that he’d met in the refugee program, people are asking who these refugees are… read more

Update: Somali Muslim ‘refugee’ convicted of attempting to sexually assault a special-needs disabled woman.

US Attorney Threatened Prosecution For Twin Falls “Rumors”

After the rape of a 5-year-old by Muslim refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho the U.S. Attorney Wendy Olsen issued a warning about “rumors.” Julie Ruf, an activist helping the victim’s family explains. Run time  3:35 seconds

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– Idaho Yogurt and Muslims run time 5:46 seconds

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WELCOME TO SWEDEN – run time 10: 57 seconds

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