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Islamic European Invasion – 1 Year In

Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while stabbing people has become so common, it’s hardly news anymore.

Merkel’s Migrant CRISIS: One YEAR ON – some explicit language

run time 17:07 seconds

Satan WatchingIslamic Invasion Of Europe – run time 13:09 seconds

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Related: Refugee Riots – Mass brawls hit two asylum centers as police are beaten with chairs.

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“The Mysterious Epidemic Of Psychiatric Illness

Muslim-crazyMerkel Terrifiede6477-here-comes-diversity

Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while stabbing people has become so common, it’s hardly news anymore.

Germany: Merkel Rejects Muslim Migrant Ban, Slams European Countries Who Refuse Them.

400,000 Refugees to Arrive in Germany Before End of 2016.

France: Muslim stabs cop in throat because she “represented France.”

GERMANY STABBING : Woman fighting for life after knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked couple at German music festival.

Merkel says refugees didn’t bring Islamist terrorism to Germany.

Sweden: 3 Muslims Gang Raped A 13 Yr Old Girl And Were Sentenced To Community Service.

More female extremists leaving Canada to join ISIS.

California Muslim Convert ‘misunderstands’ Islam, beheads his foster grandparents.

Norway: Migrant Charged With 8 Rapes Says ‘ I was lonely I needed some love.’

Indonesia: Axe-wielding Muslim hacks a Catholic priest and tries to bomb a church – Police don’t know motive.

Importing Jihadis No Visa Required – run time 1:21 seconds

UK: Pakistani Muslim Community Islamic Leader Admits Sexual Abuse of Minor Girl, Gets Probation.

France MigrantsCalais Francea “no-go zone for police as population reaches 10,000 Migrants.

video› Migrants Brutally Gang Rape 14 Year Old Girl – grin and wave at camera’s in court.

Muslim Knifervideo›British woman, 21, stabbed to death ‘by man shouting Allahu Akbar’ in rampage at Australian hostel.

video›Virginia: Muslim on FBI Watchlist Yells ‘Allah Akbar’, Tries to Behead Man & Woman in Roanoke.

Muslim Rape Attempt Michigan


Michigan: Woman avoids Rape Jihad after Iraqi stalks and traps her alone.

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