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America is Dying

The Great Conspiracy – original video

Too many people care about the idea of a threat rather than the actual threats around us. Yes, Islam is a real threat and Muslims do kill and murder for the same reasons we discuss here, yet as Ted has pointed out, the Mexican drug cartels murder far more people in the USA and Mexico, so much that there are more beheadings in Mexico caused by the cartel violence than happen in the entire Middle East. Yet using the example of this video, there are literally thousands of babies murdered each day in America and the world by their own parents in the demonic human sacrifice that we call abortion.

baby sleepingFor years in America, as this man has pointed out, we have treated abortion as a voting issue rather than a life issue, and nothing is being done about it except more innocent babies are dying. In terms of religion, Americans will sit and yell and fuss about the Catholic Faith or a Catholic priest all the while literal devil worshippers are erecting statues to Satan and trying to teach their children to worship this beast and all that is given in response is “well, people can believe what they want because this is America.”

baby-boredI call nonsense on it all. America is dying because we continue to live in rebellion against God. Our nation hates God and when He tries to help us we tell Him to get lost and we don’t even care. It’s not like we are trying to actually help ourselves, because we are no different from the people who killed Jesus and if Jesus
was alive in America, we would crucify Him all over again.

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Planned Parenthood Margaret SangerRelated: Planned Parenthood’s shocking ties to eugenics go far beyond Margaret Sanger.

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Planned Parenthood’s lie that abortions are only 3% of its work

Planned Parenthood claims abortion is only 3% of what they do and that their priority is “women’s health care.” But does their math add up?

run time 3:58 seconds



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