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Muslims Establishing “No-Go” Zones in America

Muslims have set up 22 compounds in nine states

U.S. Filmmaker assaulted, discovers ‘no go zones’ in Sweden 

run time 3:53 seconds


No Go Zones In America

Muslim NO-GO Zones In America

Muslims Ruining Every Country in Europe run time 14:20 seconds – PG Rating

There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.

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Western destruction 101

FOX commentators were forced to issue apologies on the air for claiming after the Charlie Hebdo attack that there are Muslim-ruled “no-go zones” in France. 

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Flashback:  Oklahoma mother beheaded by Muslim.

Flashback: Muslim  Refugee Charged With MURDER For Beating 97-Yr-Old WWII Veteran To Death.

Islam Week At School Demands All Students Must Wear Hijabs.

» video « Turkish migrant gang ATTACKS locals during reign of terror across entire Dutch city.

Sweden: Police admit losing control of 55 no-go zones.

Hungarian government: Europe has ‘no-go zones‘ because of migrants.

France: Three policemen brutally attacked in a refugee camp.

France: Failed Bomb Reveals French Terror Network.

France: PARIS – Three Algerian Muslims gang rape French teenager at Eiffel Tower.

France: France close down 3 mosques – 334 war grade weapons found – 223 arrests.

Australia: Muslim who slashed man’s throat while screaming “Allahu akbar” also said “I have to die today.”

turnbullAustralia’s PM, Turnbull warns against “seeking to demonize or denigrate all Muslims.”

Australia: Australian MP Pauline Hanson – ‘We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims.’

Canada: Muslim stabs non-Muslim to death after argument.

Greece: Furious locals in huge street brawl at island overwhelmed by migrants.

GERMANY: Anti-rape tattoos, wristbands, and colorful posters aren’t stopping the rape epidemic by Muslim invaders.

Germany: Merkel Muslim threw children from window after wife demanded equality.

Germany: Locals and refugees in mass fight.

German Man Who Is Teaching Muslims How To Get Sex From German Women Is Hiding In Fear For His Life As Angry German Men Are Hunting Him.

Germans admit Muslims are not refugees, but welfare seeking migrants.

Germany: Asylum seeker Refugees received nearly $5.9 billion in benefits.

Germany: More than 7,000 refugees sue for slow processing of asylum requests.

UK: Muslim Knifes Teen – stabbed over 100 times. 

UK: English Tutor Notes Muslim ‘Migrants’ More Interested in Benefits Than Jobs.

ahmad-khan-rahamiUK: » video « After NYC bomb, London’s Muslim mayor says terror attacks “part and parcel” of life in a big city (Despite references to jihad terror in NY bomber’s journal, investigators say they’ve found nothing linking him to terror groups).

New York Bomb Suspect Bought Bomb Parts Months Ago

UN: Internet access as important as food & water to refugees.

Obama: White House kicking off Welcoming Refugee Week.

Confirmed: Two GITMO Prisoners Released by Obama Reunite with Islamic Terror Groups, possibly 20 Jihadi’s.

Related: Guantanamo prisoner says terrorism recruiter referred him to Saudi royal in conversation about jihad.

US grand jury indicts Indiana teenager on terrorism charge.

Philly Mom Planned To Abandon Her Kids And Become An ISIS Suicide Bomber.

Minnesota: Muslim stabs 8 in mall, made references to Allah and asked potential victims if they were Muslim. » video « ISIS Claims Responsibility.

Minnesota’s Somali Americans: Sharia Law Preferable to American Law.

Muslim, shot by NYPD after attacking police officers with a meat cleaver – UPDATED with mayhem » video «

Kaepernick_in_2013» video «: AL-QAIDA PITCHES ISLAM TO BLACK AMERICANS. Called on U.S. Muslims to attack ‘Anglo-Saxon community,’ – ‘avoid minorities.’

Maine Sheriff Apologizes for Booking Photos of Muslim Women Without Hijabs.

Muslims Brutally Mass Slaughter Animals During Eid al-Adha Festival.

ISIS Beheaded Children With Axes, raped 10 year old girls.

ISIS: Six boys suffer agonizing deaths by welding machine, as three men are flogged for playing football.

warning-graphic-content-650x360ISIS Mass Beheading, Shooting Executions Of Iraqi ‘Spies’ & Execution By Young Child – Graphic video.

ISIS Clip Shows Young Blond Child Helping  In Executions. » Graphic Video «

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