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Everyday Europe – Muslim Madness

One of the Muslim thugs stomps on her head as she struggles to get free, while another tries to rip off her pants – Isn’t diversity a slice of heaven?


Isn’t diversity a slice of heaven?

islamic_enrichmentThe French gave away what was once a beautiful, cultured and civilized society to untold millions of ignorant, lazy, uneducable, unassimilable barbarians, almost all of whom embrace a Dark Age death cult, founded by a vile criminal and madman named Muhammad.

Women are led to slaughter by their feminist leaders, who are all on board with endless immigration. State welfare provides the “refugee” everything absolutely free while robbing, raping and looting what´s left of Europe’s dying civilization. There are hundreds of cases like this per day in Europe all brought by the refugees.



History of Jihad against France (732-ongoing)

Paris being destroyed by Islam run time 5:30 seconds

Muslims Caught On Live Camera Trying To Gang Rape French Woman

run time 59 seconds

  MERKEL’S SHAME  in Germany  

Angela Merkel

Germany: Map reveals shocking extent of migrant sex attacks on women and children.


German court decides that Sharia police are not against the law

run time 29 seconds

Germany Berlin: Refugees kick woman down the stairs run time 55 seconds

(YouTube keeps banning the truth … original video here)


Sections of Paris are now ‘Muslim territory

(NO-GO Zones) – run time 3:49 seconds

Related: SHARIA law is being enforced on the playground by Muslim schoolboys.

Related: Migrant-Heavy French Suburbs No-Go Zones for Women.

Related: Afghan migrant suspected of rape & murder in Germany ‘was jailed in Greece.’

Related: Election Draws Close – German politicians consider forcing Facebook to delete posts they deem unacceptable.

Related: Record number of Somalis entering America as refugees.

Related: Recent Somali Migrant Mohamed Harir Ayanle Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct in Minnesota.


Related: » Audio « recognize the accent of the caller? Tustin mosque receives voicemail threatening to ‘drop a bomb.’

Related: Arsonist who set fire to a Houston mosque last Christmas Day is a Muslim member of the mosque.

Related: University of Michigan student’s claim of threat for wearing hijab is false, police say.

Related: Muslim college student claiming Trump supporters attacked her on the subway under arrest for making story up.


Muslims False Claim That She Was Victim of Anti-Muslim Attack

run time 1:37 seconds

Related: Jihad Stage 1 – Victory Via Victimization.

Related: Hate Hoax List

Related: Additional Muslim Hate Hoaxes.

Related: European T.V. Expose – Europe’s New Muslim Arrivals Are Involved In Mass Trafficking, Gang-Raping Little Boys.

Related: Angela Merkel downplays rape and murder of EU official’s daughter as ‘an isolated incident.’

Related: Germany – Asylum seeker accused of sexually assaulting child 68 times calls attacks a ‘love affair.’

Related: Germany’s Muslim population has risen to nearly 4.7 million.

Related: Germany » video « Muslim migrant burns wife alive so badly she is unrecognizable.

Related: Globalist Business Leaders Pile on Pressure For Open Borders.

Related: Vienna – Albanian Muslim ‘Migrant’ on The Run After Stabbing Two, Kills One.

Related: Portugal – Muslim migrant brutally rapes, beats elderly woman, ‘Blood was everywhere.’

Related: Saudi Arabia ‘directly funding Islamic extremism in Germany.’

Related: Western culture, as it is now, deserves its fate.

Related: Mother kisses tiny daughters, aged seven and nine, goodbye – then sends them off on suicide bomb mission.

Islamic Smack-Down: Tajikistan Muslim “man” slaps a female teacher

 How To Cover Those Pesky Bruises Left By Muhammad


GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Video Shows Men in Potato Sacks Beheaded.
GRAPHIC VIDEO: 2 Caged Turkish Soldiers Burned Alive  Aleppo.

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